is a sports analytics website that will become your reliable guide in the world of online betting. Our team regularly reviews bookmakers and bonus offers that are really worth checking out.

For many years we have been providing assistance in finding bookmakers and promotional offers that meet the individual needs of players from different countries. During this time, hundreds of thousands of bettors have discovered betting websites with a wide line and pattern, high odds, and generous bonuses.

Our history

Our professional experience is closely related to betting and poker. It all started with a simple passion for gambling. Over time, we have learned to distinguish between good bookmakers and bad ones, profitable offers from unprofitable ones. All this led us to understand the inner workings of online betting, which for new players may seem a mystery. That is why we are confident in the bookmaker companies that we recommend to you.

It was 15 years ago when a group of friends decided to create a poker website. It was not very popular and was a by-product of another project. However, it was then that we realized that this is the path to be followed.

Soon after, our team developed a trial version of Sparing no time and effort, we worked to improve it. Despite all our efforts, the result did not meet our expectations. Nevertheless, we kept going and in the next few years, we created several more sites for the European audience.

We made a huge effort to promote the first project, although many of us had other jobs. Despite perseverance and faith in our idea, success did not come to us immediately.

When we started working with the project on an ongoing basis, had hope for a bright future. Moving forward was not easy, but the conversion of the site gradually increased. When the number of visitors exceeded 100,000 people, it breathed new life into the project. Then we realized that self-maintenance of the website would not give quick results, so we hired full-time employees and freelancers to remotely service the project.

We have grown a lot over the year: traffic to has increased by about 60%. Our team has several authors and managers who work on creating content. All this is in the public domain so that visitors can use the information to choose a truly reliable betting partner.

Who We Are & Why We Are Experts in Our Field

Over the years of painstaking work and analysis of hundreds of tons of information, we have gained tremendous experience in the field of betting. Since we operate in different countries and in different markets, we know how to succeed in this industry.

In the process of building the business, the team faced many difficulties, but it was a rewarding experience that helped us to understand how to avoid mistakes in our future projects.

How We Do Business

When it comes to sports betting, some things seem obvious and others don’t. Analyzing the world of betting companies, we try to take into account all the points that can affect the profitability of sports predictions. The main goal of our project is to describe only reliable betting operators that have been working in the betting field for many years or have appeared recently.

We are also interested in providing our visitors with only truthful information about bookmaker websites. On the website, you will find ratings, reviews of promotions, the latest news, and guides for concluding sports betting. All this will help you develop your sports analyst skills and monetize your knowledge.

We publish reviews of dozens of bookmakers so that you have an idea of ​​the best players in the betting market. The lists of bonuses are updated monthly to keep all information up-to-date.

We consider dozens of factors when describing bookmakers: security, line width, list, odds, generosity of offers, technical support competence, money withdrawal speed, etc. So all members in our ratings on our website are reliable. All this is done so that novice bettors avoid bookmakers who don’t fulfill their financial obligations and offer low-quality service.

How We Make Money

We do our best to ensure that all of our content is free for you. However, to create content and verify the information for authenticity, we have to involve people who cannot do their work for free. To pay for their services, we need to make money. For this, we offer affiliate marketing.

We hope that the information presented on our website will be useful to visitors, and you can find what you were looking for here.

We wish winning bets to everyone!